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#8 How to Reuse Content Across Platforms & Mediums

Social media marketing is imperative to any digital marketing strategy, but with so many different platforms, it can be overwhelming to think of the amount of content you’d have to create. But that doesn’t have to be an issue. Reusing content across platforms and mediums is a lot easier than you think! We’ll walk you through how to capitalize on the one piece of content, and help you identify what works well on what platform.

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#7 Email Marketing Is it Dead

Email marketing is a topic a lot of people love to discuss. Rumored to be dying off, the question that seems to be asked every year is: Is email marketing still worth it? The short answer? Absolutely. We’ll walk you through the details as to why that is, the reason it should be a part of your marketing strategy, and the best tips and tricks to make sure you get the results you’re looking for!

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#6 How We Create Content for Social Media

A social media strategy is great and all, but without knowing how to create content in a time efficient manner, it will be difficult to maintain. We’ll walk you through how to research your competition, create an accurate persona, learn how to choose your categories and lastly, how to create a calendar that can all be done in a timely fashion while creating an online presence that’s true to your brand.

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