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#4 Breaking Through on Twitter

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Twitter, like Facebook and Instagram, is a unique social media platform that requires its own strategy. With only 150 characters available, how do you create engaging content on such a limited word count? Understanding your demographics and your own niche and voice is the key to creating your brand on Twitter. Knowing how to use hashtags, when to comment and who to follow will be key to your success. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!



Understand the Platform

 1) Is your target audience on Twitter? 
 2) What are your goals on Twitter?

Understand your Niche and Voice

1) Research your competitors ( top 3 - 5)
2) Create a persona of your target market

Practical Work

1) Create strong copy
2) Learn the best hashtags to utilize
2) Utilize links to blog posts, videos, and websites

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