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#2 Balancing Giving with Call-to-Actions on Social Media

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What is the purpose of marketing? Is it brand awareness? Is it to drive sales? To build a relationship with your target audience? The answer is: all of the above. Learn how to balance your call-to-actions on social media with valuable content that your customers are genuinely wanting, and learn why providing free content is a sure-fire way to grow your business!

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Why are people on social media?

For entertainment and release: Facebook's two feeds experiment shows us that catching up with friends is not what the majority of users want from the site.

So where does selling come in?

It doesn’t. Instead, you’re asking them to take action. They should want to take action for you because of the relationship you have with them. "Buying something you’re selling" is a noncommittal act. "Taking action" means they’re invested in your brand.

Give them content that:

  1. Make them feel good
  2. Gives them the information they find interesting

  3. Entertains them (humor)


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