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How to Leverage Instagram for Your Business

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Ah, social media...specifically, Instagram. Thinking about this particular social media platform from a business owner’s perspective brings up warm and cosy feelings. We all wish.

Truthfully, when you’re looking at your phone knowing you need to create and cultivate an Instagram account for your business, you either break out in cold sweat or just put your phone down and convince yourself you’ll get to it tomorrow.

Take a breath, I’ve gone through all the growing pains in your stead, and I’m here to share five helpful and straightforward tips to getting you going.

  1. Set-up your account: While this is a process you already know how to do, remember to go to your settings and near the bottom, select: Switch to Business Profile. This will allow you to add your location, phone number, and email for easy contact.

  2. Hashtags: before your first post, create a list of 20 - 30 standard hashtags that you will use with every post. Post these hashtags in the comment section to keep it separate from your message. You can find them either directly on Instagram by searching hashtags you might associate with your business and see how popular they are. Another way of doing the same thing is with a site such as http://hashtagify.me or https://displaypurposes.com/.

  3. Posts: Your account is created, your logo is your profile picture, and your mission statement is in the bio area. Now it’s time to post...but what to post? The key is to start simple: Post three times a week, use photos of your product/service will a small quote about what you do-- or something that interests you-- that links to your business.

  4. Follow people! Create a list of businesses similar to yours. After your first post, go through one or two of those accounts and follow people who are following those similar businesses. Only follow fifty or so at a time, otherwise Instagram will flag you as a robot and not let you follow people for a while. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, comment on their posts as well to build the relationship and increase the chances of them following you back.

  5. Let your friends know. After your first post, send a text or email to your family and friends, letting them know your Instagram is up and if they can please follow you. Having 10-30 followers at the very beginning will help with strangers following you as well.

Repeat step four every time you post until you start getting followers organically. By using these methods, you’ll not only grow your Instagram account quickly, but it’ll be free, and after a bit, you’ll find it requires less time and work than you originally anticipated.

I hope you find these steps helpful, and stay tuned for the next 5-steps in cultivating an Instagram following for your business!

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