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The Team

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Co-Founder, Digital Strategist

Luke Maxwell

Hey, I’m Luke, and I’m excited to dive into the digital world with you. For the last four years, I’ve built up my own brand as a motivational speaker and spent two years working at a digital agency. Ever since then, I’ve specialized in web design in addition to connecting human-to-human and telling stories through social media. One of my greatest joys is to see relationships form through social media as a result of my work.

During the rare times I’m not marketing to my heart’s content, I turn to my trusty piano for calm and relief (but never quiet). I’m a total dog person, and I’ll watch or read anything sci-fi. My personality type? INTJ.


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Co-Founder, Digital Strategist

Clara Mouawad

Hi there, I'm Clara and I’m looking forward to journeying with you through the world of digital marketing. I've spent the last four years working as a marketing specialist focusing on web design, social media strategy, email marketing and digital storytelling. I look at each business's marketing strategy as a unique puzzle and love finding the pieces that fit perfectly.  

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, drinking coffee (although that happens regardless of whether or not I have free time), and reading. I love all animals but will argue with Luke that cats are the superior pet.